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Ecovim, EN-300W, food waste, decomposer, recycling

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  • Size1600 * 1650 * 1450 mm
  • Weight895 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Description

ECOVIM is high- speed machine that recycles food for the production of high-quality organic fertilizer. Our machines are convenient to use, economical and do not require much space. It can reduce the moist by 85% using the dry method. The by-product can be used as high- quality organic fertilizer.


Automatic operation: Our machine is done automatically by one touch. Since the machine does everything, no need to set "input" or "description."


Power saver: The machine uses air circulation recycling method, high- speed drying and disintegration system in order to reduce heat loss.


Eliminate bad odor: By using air circulation system and deodorant system, our machine eliminates bad odor.


Recycling: The machine discharges of a large quantity of by-product at 80°C in a short time. Since the by-product was sterilized at high temperature, it is hygienic and easy to store. Therefore, it is used for feed stuff, fuel and compost.



Capacity : EN-300w(~300kg/d)

Size : 1600(W) x 1450(D) x 1650(H)

Electricity: Three-phase, AC220V/380V, 50*60Hz

Time: 17~21h


Where to use
    Large scale restaurants, food factories, supermarkets, hotel, military camps, prison.