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Ecovim, EN-30W, food waste, decomposer, disposal, recycling

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  • Size800 * 900 * 1090 mm
  • Weight180 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Description

ECOVIM is high-speed machine that recycles food for the production of high quality organic fertilizer. Our machines are convenient to use, economical and do not require much space. It can reduce the moist by 85% using the dry method. The by-product can be used as high- quality organic fertilizer.

Automatic operation: Our machine is done automatically by one touch. Since the machine does everything, no need to set "input" or "description."

Power saver: The machine uses air circulation recycling method, high-speed drying and disintegration system in order to reduce heat loss.

Eliminate bad odor: By using air circulation system and deodorant system, our machine eliminates bad odor

Recycling:The machine discharges of a large quantity of by-product at 80°C in a short time. Since the by-product was sterilized at high temperature, it is hygienic and easy to store. Therefore, it is used for feed stuff, fuel and compost.


Capacity : EN-30w(~30kg(66 lbs/d)

Size : 800(W) x 900(D) x 1,090(H)

Electrical Characteristics: AC 200V/220, 50/60 Hertz, Single phase

Time: 6~9h

Where to use
     Small to medium scale restaurants, fast food franchises, cafeterias.